Saturday, 3 September 2011

Packet #46 - Corkers Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Sneaking things out of pubs is great fun. Last night I successfully smuggled a fancy mojito onto the street. As I swayed towards the Nitelink I couldn't help but feel I had achieved some sort master stroke, a drunk Robin Hood or something.

This morning however I thought otherwise and the only thing that could possibly make me feel better? Crisps, of course! I came across a pack that had been lying around the house for some time, Corkers! Sea Salt & Black Pepper Flavour. They promise a 'Natural British Crunch' I'm not sure what an un-natural British Crunch is, but it's not here and Corkers seem delighted with that fact.

It's rare to come across black pepper flavoured crisps, usually in posh places that sell all sorts of home-made organic stuff. But let's not dwell on poshness, it's all about the crisps. And there are plenty of crisps inside the bag (which is a lovely bag btw - it provides a great weight). The crisps vary in size which is also nice and the flavour is epic, quite spicy overall. Before chilli's and jalapeno's came about pepper was the defacto spice monger in town, and so it carries on in these lads. A great bag of delights, texture wise it's quite heavy but once you get over that you'll be guaranteed some tasty treats! Also, they're from 'East Anglia' - I don't even know where that is.


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