Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Packet #52 - Mc Coy's Salted

Sandwiches, like crisps, are a highly important aspect of any diet. A crisp sandwich is obviously a treat you can rarely pass up. But on occasion crisps serve as an accompaniment to a nice sandwich. As I rushed out the door this very morning I was faced with a difficult task. I had a multi-pack of Mc Coy's staring back containing three flavours - C&O (cheese and onion), S&V (salt and vinegar) and of course - ready salted. I opted for ready salted as I thought, as a side dish to my packed lunch they'd be perfect. The Peter Taylor to a Brian Clough, if you will. Or the Nigel Barker to a Tyra Banks.

As it was a multi-pack there wasn't the regulation amount of crisps available, that's okay I paid €3 for twelve bags of crisps, overall I win. The crisps themselves were well packaged in sturdy foil, keeping the crisps inside nice and fresh. The flavour, if I'm honest, wasn't up to much. Although getting the balance right when it comes to Ready Salted is quite difficult - too salty, horrible, too little, well just a bit bland. The latter was the choice that came to mind with these lads, not up to much in the tickling taste buds department. But with ready salted that's not necessarily such a bad thing. The texture of the crisps were fantastic though, nice and thick, full of spud like goodness.

Overall I'd say they're an adequate crisp. Would I buy them on their own? No. Will they be the last flavour left in the multi-pack? Yes.


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  1. do you know any good irish ready salted crisps? I LOVE ready salted but Irish companies rarely make them