Sunday, 22 January 2012

Packet #58 - Tesco Bacon Rashers

Sunday night and snacks are neccessary. It's the perfect time for some crisps, but what kind. Rasher flavour? Bacon flavour? It's too hard to choose! Luckily Tesco have decided that there is no point in having to make such tough decisions and have made Bacon Rashers (see pic).

Basically, Bacon Rashers are Bacon Fries but are called Bacon Rashers and are cheaper (79c, I think) and come in a massive bag. First thing I noticed was the smell, it's a strange one. So strange that the other people in the room also noticed the odour, Deano deemed it to be a 'funky' smell, that's the perfect adjective. Initially it [the smell] is a little off putting. Taste wise they have a lovely bacon intensity about them, a very deep woody taste that leaves a lovely smokey tang on the palette post eat. I reckon they are a fantastic alternative to the more famous Bacon Fry and the fact they come in big bags mean that they'd be perfect for entertaining guests during a party scenario - stick 'em in a bowl, maybe?

Well done Tesco, you've done a sterling job.



  1. Fine crisps, I agree, but I would say they are more akin to Frazzles than Bacon Fries, which are much more brittle, and less melt in the mouthy.
    I find that these are among the most reliable providers of that great bonus feature: the lump of pure flavour, crisp flavouring without the crisp itself, in a crumbly ball at the bottom of the bag. For some reason this incredibly rare treat is something like a one in three possibility with these. Talk about intense.

  2. You see I agree that they are a good crisp. But the thing is, you seem to have ate them with others. I've made some huge mistakes in my time and ate the whole bag even though I only intended to eat half, prematurely shooting my wad on what was only supposed to be a dry run. If you eat an entire packet you will suffer severe repercussions, it's shaming to a large degree, but delicious.