Thursday, 19 January 2012

Packet #57 - Walkers Meaty Flavour Potato Crisps

January can be a tough month. Everyone is broke after Christmas and everywhere you look people are throwing health and fitness in your face. Well here at the blog we’ve a top tip, instead of spending money on expensive olive oil or rapeseed oil why not use crisps as a healthy, cheap alternative. Anyway enough of the health tips, on to the positives of January. Crisps. New crisps. Walkers to be precise. They’re called What’s the flavour? Walkers have launched three new flavours and are asking people to guess what they are. The particular bag I tried was covered in question marks and known only as Meaty Flavour Potato Crisps. Exciting!

So the blogs first bag of mystery crisps had me puzzled for a while. Lots of tantalising flavours were flying about filling my nostrils with strong meaty type spiciness. At first it was a familiar flavour, one which I knew I had tried before but exactly what that flavour was escaped me. I was thinking spicy chicken or some kind of meat ravaged pizza. Whatever it was I liked it. They’re kind of sweet but with a little kick of spice and that elusive mystery meat... The texture and crunch of the crisps are much the same as previous Walkers which works well for a nice post lunch munch and will please consistency lovers.

Overall a very enjoyable experience. I liked the fact the packet was plain with just a sticker on it with a few mysterious question marks. If it were me I'd release crisps in bags like these all the time. Every time you went to buy crisps it would be a massive lucky dip! Watch out marketing teams of the world. Anywho I look forward to trying the other flavours Walkers have on offer when they're out (Mark ate the other two). 


P.S. I figured out what they remind me of, Hunky Dory Buffalo Flavour.


  1. Buffalo - the tastiest of meats. Well, aside from Pandas, of course.

  2. Hope one of the mystery flavors is the Fish & Chips they had awhile back. Holy jaysus, now there was a serious flavor of crisps.

  3. You should try Panda stuffed with Buffalo misterpugh.

    Diego, don't think they're bringing back fish & chips,they're new flavours all together.

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