Friday, 16 December 2011

Packet #56 - Keogh's Dubliner Irish Cheese & Onion

We're a Crisp Blog. A Crisp Blog from Ireland - Dublin - Northside. And we've tasted crisps from all around the world Poland being the farthest flung location (I think). And we've tasted all sorts, Haggis? But it's not all about exotic locations and looney flavours. Home is where the heart is n'all that, so when a pal of mine gave me a bag of crisps from North County Dublin with the instructions "eat these, they're delicious" what was I meant to do! [eat them]
So I did [eat them] this very afternoon while enjoying Only Fools & Horses on the telly - a random episode on BBC 1, it must be some Christmas scheduling of some sort. So it seemed the stars had aligned, one of my favourite comedies on the box and local crisps in my hand. Nothing could go wrong! Or could it?

As Del boy tried to figure out how to get gold chains back from some dodgy bloke, I began eating. And it was a tasty eat. The flavours were big, bold, brash and an awesome experience from the start. Keogh's haven't backed away from the cheese and onion standard in fact they have embraced it and made the old combination even more enthralling. The crisps themselves (I'm reliably informed from the back of the back) were from a field called "Sheepshill" the variety: Lady Rose and had been cooked by: Tom. I don't know where that field is, definitely don't know what variety of potatoe Lady Rose are and have know idea who Tom is, but I do know at least two people called Tom. But I'd be mightily impressed if one of them had cooked these - super crisps! 



  1. You went for the Pioneer option, I see. The other two varieties have beer and cider in them.

  2. Just finished my first bag there, unreal crisps. Kind of get a johnny onion ring aftertast from them, just me?

  3. Keogh's do a salt and vinegar which has the added bonus of being gluten free. Very difficult to get gluten free crisps.