Thursday, 16 February 2012

Packet #60 - Mackie's Crispy Bacon

Eating afew hours before dinner time is risky. You'll ruin your dinner. But when you are a perfectly sensible adult you can also choose what time your dinner is at on any given day, it's great being an adult. So yes, I had crisps only 90 minutes before regulation dinner time but it's grand I'll just adjust my eating plans accordingly, no big deal. I mightn't even have a dinner! (I'll have a dinner)

Bacon flavour crisps - Mackie's of Scotland Crispy Bacon flavour crisps no less. They came in a big bag, so I thought it best to share them (Deano was playing FIFA). I popped my serving in a bowl and ate away. Mackies teamed up with some lads called Taypack who know a lot about tatties (Scottish slang for spuds which is Irish slang for potatoes) and Mackies know alot about flavour. The combination works very well indeed, you have a regulation smokey bacon style flavour with an added bit of mild spice thrown in for good measure! The crisp itself is a beautiful heavy texture, not too greasy either which is great. Overall a highly delicious bag, and because I ate responsibly I have plenty of room left for dinner.



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