Friday, 24 February 2012

Packet #61 King Gold Standard Traditional Salt & Malt Vinegar

I was hungover. A very Dublin, hangover. Many pints of Guinness had me in need of fixing, and I decided the only rational way to solve the problem was to eat a bag of crisps. So I did, and I ate a very Dublin style crisp. King Gold Standard Traditional Salt and Malt Vinegar (feat. Leo Burdock's).

So I sat down and ate. Opened the bag and had a good whiff, I have now decided that smelling your crisps before you eat them is acceptable. The smell was good. And off i went, the only word that's adequate for my style was scoffing. Pure scoffing. But was it a good scoff?
(excellent question) They were simply outstanding, the flavour was punchy and exciting, and the texture was luxurious. An amazing crisp, infact they are an outstanding crisp and, if I may be so bold, they are the nicest Salt and Vinegar crisp I've ever tasted. 

King Gold Standard Traditional Salt and Malt Vinegar (feat. Leo Burdock's) are a great bag. It's like when Queen and David Bowie got together to release Under Pressure, the results were outstanding and highly entertaining. But we're talking crisps, and the results were outstanding, highly entertaining and delicious. And by that reasoning these crisps are better then Queen. Although in fairness, no one ever tried to eat Freddie Mercury. Did they?



  1. I'm your newest follower! I love irish crisps and Queen!!

  2. Great crisps, best i've had in a long time.

    I think you should add a price tag at the top of the review, as i found these to be quiet expensive. If they were cheaper i probably would be eating them everyday

  3. These crisps are AMAZING! I am officially addicted.