Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Packet #62 D.P. Connolly & Sons Farmhouse Cheese & Red Onion

It seems 2012 is the year of the crisp. We've so many brands and flavours to choose from you could nearly do a Come Dine With Me and just serve crisps. If only someone would release an ice cream flavoured crisp. We can only dream...

Anyway onto my most recent selection, D.P. Connolly & Sons Farmhouse Cheese & Red Onion. That's a bit of a mouthful so I'm just going to call them DP's from now on. They're hand cooked and they're Irish. A good start, just like Ireland had on Sunday against the French, which was the match I happened to munch through DP's to. I'd arrived to the pub from work, late, thirsty and hungry so a pint and crisps were the obvious choice. That's when I noticed DP's, a pack I hadn't seen around before. I had often noticed their fancy looking lemonades about town so figured it was worth the punt.

I could tell straight away the crisps were of the hand cooked variety with a massive waft of cheese invading my nostrils. Now I must admit when I purchased this pack I thought they were a regular type cheese & onion crisp. That's why I was knocked back by the powerful flavours emanating from each munch. A really strong cheese flavour followed by a sweet, caramelised like red onion. I was surprised by how much the flavour came through and it was only when I read the pack I thought, well done DP and your sons, good job. The crunch was also consistent throughout, right down to the last little bits at the bottom of the bag.

Overall I was intrigued by DP's take on the cheese & onion flavour (they also have rock salt & malt vinegar). It's probably not one I'd get every time but definitely a good distraction from Ireland knocking the ball on in Paris. If DP's can pack flavour this well into all their products I think they should be the ones to take up the challenge of ice cream flavoured crisps.


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