Friday, 20 April 2012

Packet #68 - Tayto (NI) Titanic Snack

Everybody is cashing in on the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic and Tayto (NI) is no different. Seeing a whole quarter of Belfast being named after the doomed ship and seeing lots of companies making money off it by associating with it, they decided they want in on that action.

And so we have “Titanic Snack”. These salt and vinegar flavour corn based crisps are big and crunchy. I opened the pack and was surprised to see the crisps formed into the shape of an anchor and a ships wheel. This is the anniversary of the martime death of over 1,500 people we’re talking about right? I’m surprised they didn’t go with “sea salt” as their primary flavour.

So they are, in my opinion, not very tasteful, but are they tasty? Well… no. They are pretty far from tasty; in fact they are quite flavourless. There is only a vague hint of vinegar and the texture is crunchy but cardboardy. The lack of any real taste is quite surprising.

 I finished the bag because that’s how much I love crisps but I didn’t enjoy most of it. A poor show from Tayto here and it feels like they rushed these out to coincide with the anniversary “celebrations”.


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