Thursday, 19 April 2012

Packet #67 Monster Munch Roast Beef

It's always a treat when you walk into a shop and see a new bag of crisps for the first time. It's an even bigger treat to see a bag of crisps you haven't seen in ages. Monster Munch have come stomping back into the Irish market in recent times and although they're not available in every shop just yet, they are a most welcome addition. However, here at the blog we don't like to do things the easy way. That's why I traveled to London for this latest review of Monster Munch and their Roast Beef flavourings.

The first thing you notice about Monster Munch is the shear size of the crisps, they're massive. Monstrous even! Sometimes you can get a bag that has been a bit beat up in transportation but this particular bag had a load of full monster hands. Now could the big hands live up to their big reputation? Oh yes and with big flavours. A great crunch brought out all the joys of a Sunday roast. Beef and potato no messing around with herbs or anything like that, just straight to the point tastiness. The more you eat the more beefy goodness fills your taste buds.

This is the second monster out of three I have reviewed and I must salute the Monster Munch trio and their munch bunch on a fine job so far. The yellow fella better get his pickled onions out of the jar cause I'm coming for him next.



  1. I have to say with my love of crisps monster munch are totally over rated!
    Love the blog though!

  2. Had a pack of these not two hours ago! They are a solid crips and one of my faourites. In fact I've appreciated beef monster munch since I was a young fella (I'm 33 now). Back then, the beef flavour came in red packs and the spicy were the yellow ones. The beef monster munch of today are a bit different, but still very close to those good old days of 25 years ago.

    That last sentence just made me feel very very old, I'm off to lie down for a while.

  3. Your review made me want to try this. I am not found of eating crisps and crunches, but maybe this is worth a try. Jerky Australia

  4. I remember I have tasted this one from my friend's house with another product that has Australian bacon. Both were delicious. I love eating preserved meat and beef chunks.

  5. MIGHTY MUNCH are the most amazing snacks ever made. FACT