Thursday, 12 April 2012

Packet #66 Tayto Ripples Sour Cream & Onion Flavour

Standing in the Crisp section of a newsagent can be a pain. If you're undecided as to what to choose you can feel a little bit unnerved by the fact that the shopkeep is waiting for you to begin the transaction. This happens to everyone, righhhht? Well either way it happened to me when deciding what pack to purchase, I chose a classic, Tayto Ripples Sour Cream & Onion.

I remember when these first arrived on the crisping scene (I'm guessing) mid nineties. The idea of a crisp that had sour cream in it made me question the very purpose of these crisps and why would anyone want cream on their crisps? But it was the nineties, things were crazy and rules seemed not to matter, we were living in the future and the world was up for grabs (especially in the Crisp industry). And yet, with my first bag I was hooked. But are they as good as I remembered? Oh yes indeed! The punchy flavour was still there and the Ripple effect still serves a purpose in holding in the delicious flavour. By the end of the bag I was eating copious amounts at a time and I was happy to lick my fingers like some sort of crisping loon.

Ripples still hold up to the new kids on the block of the crisping world, and unlike the band of the same name I'm very glad that they're still together.



  1. in our house we got a video on saturday night and those long tubes of pringles sour cream and onion not to be confused with pringles sour cream which was a bad marketing decision. suppose these tayto sou cream was an attempt to move in on that marketbut in bag form maybe for people going to the cinema or on the bus where the tubes wheren't practical.

  2. Ripples sourcream and onion are my go to crisp if i can't decide in a shop. They're the best, and havent changed since they came out (i've been doing regular quality checks). The packaging however has changed and no longer has the suggestion to break strong mints in the dark or cover one eye to find your blind spot with some bad drawings...

  3. These are my ideal "crisps to have when eating a sandwich" crisps. SUPER tasty.

  4. Can you still purchase these crisps? And if so where?