Friday, 29 June 2012

Packet #74 Croky Bolognese

Ah Europe, full of history, culture and best of all a little competition held every four years known as the European Championships. Ireland don't often qualify for this so as soon as we did my first thought was, CRISPS and my second thought, road trip. The mainland doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to crisps, tending to default to paprika and ketchup flavour quite often, so what better way to test the continent than drive through it and eat all of their crisps.

The first place we stopped and found different crisps was a petrol station somewhere on the Belgium/Netherlands border. They offered the usual Lays and Doritos type crisps but beyond that they had some lovely alternatives. I chose a pack that looked like Ranchero style Hula Hoops, bbq flavour and these fellas, Croky's bolognese flavour. The first pack was thrown out (not by me) before I could take a snap and review so it's on to the Croky.

They only seemed to have the big share bags so I got one of them, sure there was five of us in the car. On opening the bag I got a nice big whiff of spicy potato delights. I noticed the crisps were massive with few casualties in the bag so I tucked right in to remedy that matter. They were lovely and crunchy and loud, I know this because the other lads asked me several times to eat quietly, I didn't. Flavour wise they were spicy, much more spicy than any bolognese I've had before. More like chilli perhaps (thanks Clare). But I liked them. So much so I ate most of the pack myself and hid the rest in a secret compartment.

All in all a good start to my European adventure and a reminder to always trust cool parrots with moustaches. Oh and here's the vehicle that now smells of crisps.


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