Sunday, 8 July 2012

Packet #75 O'Donnells Irish Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt

Ireland is a fine country, we have plenty of room and a temperate oceanic climate that lends itself perfectly to potato growing. Which would go a long way to explain why it is that we have without doubt the finest selection of crisps in Europe, and let's face it the world. If, there was some sort of international competition to do with crisps, we'd win - England and pals would come a close second (IMHO). 

It's with these factors in mind that I proudly purchased a bag of O'Donnells Irish Cider and Malt Vinegar from British multinational grocery retailer - Tesco. I bought them as part of a bigger shop, and as something to tide me over before dinner. It would be strange to go all the way to a big supermarket to buy one bag of crisps, wouldn't it? Opening up the bag I was greeted by a decent amount of good sized crisps. The texture was consistent with the other varieties in the O'Donnells crisping stable (Mature Irish Cheese and Red OnionSweet Chilli Flavour) thick and chunky but not too thick or chunky, if you know what I mean. It's also worth noting that they are quite a heavy crisp, which as far as I'm concerned is a good thing. The flavour is where it's at as far as these are concerned and O'Donnells have rammed as much flavour as possible in each and every crisp. If you're a fan of salt and vinegar they'll be a joy. However it should be noted that these are for seasoned salt and vinegar fans as the flavours are big bold and brave, and quite delicious. 

All in all these crisps are a great addition to Irish crisp industry and Ed O'Donnell (the bloke that makes the crisps) and friends should be delighted with themselves. 

I also like the bag. 


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  1. I think they're nice for a bit, half a bag or so, then the overwhelming greasiness comes to bear on the flavour and palette. I never finished a bag so i stopped buying them.