Saturday, 11 August 2012

Packet #76 Walkers Deep Ridged Mature Cheddar & Onion

The summer, a great time of year for most countries, the weather is great, people are in a good mood and you get to sit on the beach toasting yourself to a nice crisp. Unless of course you live in Ireland where the only type of crisp we get is in a pack and made from potatoes(sometimes). But sure that's probably why we love crisps so much and also who wants to eat crisps when it's sunny? No, we definitely have the perfect weather for year round crisp munching.

Anyway this summer I've eaten loads of crisps from all over the world and this particular pack is from our neighbours in the UK. Probably the second best makers of crisps. It's part of Walkers new Deep Ridged selection promising us ridges twice as deep. Lovely but how deep can ridges get? Well the answer is very deep, if I wasn't a fully grown large man I'd probably fall into them. The ridges actually add a heavy crunch to the crisp which has quite a light texture. They also manage to pack in the flavour, especially the mature cheddar, it's as if you've brushed your teeth with a block of old cheese. Tasty.

Overall these are a much welcome addition to the Walkers brand of crisps and also come in Flame Grilled Steak and Salt & Malt Vinegar. I'm happy with that selection no messing around with odd flavours this time, well done Walkers. Now it's sunny(ish) time for a BBQ. BYE!


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