Thursday, 13 September 2012

Packet #77 Pipers Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion

There's something in the land of marketing called demographics. In this whizzy crazy fast paced world many people will dream up products that they think you will like. I fall into a demographic that marketers love, an unmarried man in his late twenties, any spare money I have I spend on frivolous items with my disposable income - this is basically what these marketing honcho's will think. It's with this thought in my head that I cautiously perused through the shopping aisles of one of Dublin's poshest supermarkets, Fallon & Byrne. I was fully aware that I wasn't going to fall into this trap of spending my hard earned cash on a 24 grain multi seed organic sliced pan baked, that morning, by monks in Barcelona no matter how delicious it looked. No, my business in this supermarket was strictly crisp related. And so it was that I spent (approximately) €1.05 on Pipers Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion crisps. 

"Hey! We don't care about marketing mister, we just wanna hear about crisps" An astute, if some what rudely put question, reader. But one that is valid. The crisps were simply delicious, a perfect blend of strong cheddar and onion, very very similar to what you'd find in a bag of King Cheese and Onion, but the arrangement of the texture on the pallet was something different altogether. Quite weighty, but not overly so and this is where they would be a notch above the standard bag of King. Also I found the bag itself to be nothing short of delightful, a nice bright yellow, that seems to be beaming off the shelves, and it should be noted that the quality of the packaging material itself is top. 

All in all a truly excellent bag of crisps from outside to inside. Pipers have clearly put a lot of work into them. Plus the chap at the top of the bag seems quite delighted with himself, blowing his own trumpet proudly, but I suppose if had just made this bag of crisps I would be too. 



  1. I had a lovely packet of crisps last year on the red funnel ferry from Southampton to isle of Wight on the way to Bestival if you happen to be going that way do try them out not a usual brand but so tasty I had to have more.

  2. Looks like Yellow Pack crisps