Saturday, 13 October 2012

Packet #78 - Manora Fried Shrimp

On the 5th of October I started my year of travelling around the world. I right like crisps, and so do the blogaboutcrsips boys. So, I put 2 and 2 together and thought, I'll try crisps from all over the world and blog them. 

I'm currently in Thailand and so this is where my first blog comes from. We start with Manora Fried ShrimpI was in abit of a fishy mood so opted for these. After getting smashed in the face with a waft of shrimp after opening the bag, I grabbed my first one and did some crunching. They look a lot like those peking cracker things Walkers did a while ago, they were quite moorish and that but after a while you get used to the flavour and there not as good. BUT, just when I was about to get bored, I felt something in the bag, pulled it out and it was a sachet of chilli paste! You put it on the crisp and your back in business with loads of flavour. 

I'd say its downfall is that there isn't enough chilli paste for the whole bag, so they got boring again. They'd be enjoyed the most if you dipped them in something.. Chilli paste, guacamole, milk. Whatever floats your boat.


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