Monday, 9 March 2020

Packet #108: Seabrook Lattice Cheese & Onion

I have to hand it to the innovative packaging designers at Seabrook. They’ve come up with an opening method that I have never seen in my three decades of Crips consumption.

They have bridged the gap between personal hygiene products and food items with an exciting hybrid: the Crisp packet that opens like Wet Wipes.


What’s next? A toilet roll filled with popcorn? A toothpaste tube of peanuts? I don’t know what Seabrook has up their sleeves next, but I’m excited to find out.

When I saw this “Peel & Share” bag of Seabrook Lattice Cheese & Onion while browsing the middle aisle in Aldi, I knew I had to have it. This wouldn’t be one of those novelty middle aisle purchases that fill you with regret afterwards, would it? No. Crisps would never let me down.

With an amount of self-restraint that was as impressive as it was unexpected, I didn’t peel open the bag until the next day.

I paired this packet with a hungry husband and a slightly burnt (or “chargrilled”) wrap. I refrained from taking a bite until I was mid-way through the wrap, but my Crisp eating partner dove straight in.

Looking from afar, I could see the Crisps were indeed, lattice shaped. I think this form was achieved after mushing up a load of potatoes and reshaping them into a lattice, as opposed to some sort of careful cutting technique.

Having said that, there are some Crisps still with their skins on, which leads me to believe that I could be mistaken about the mushed up potato method...

Not all the lattices were neat and perfect – some of the Crisps looked more like a regular crinkle cut. No matter, I like a crinkle cut.

They are relatively light to the touch, and their consistency is momentarily crispy. Then they turn into the kind of mush that gets stuck in the back of your teeth.

Flavourwise, it’s all about the cheese here. Not a regular cheddar type flavour. It’s more like a synthetic cheese taste. Think Wotsit. Even after several mouthfuls, there isn’t a trace of onion to be found.

Did the Wet Wipe-alike packaging put me off these Crisps? No. Would I buy them again? Probably not. They’re kind of like a Frisp with a Wotsit flavour and to be quite honest, that’s not the Crisp for me.


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